Independence Day. 11th March

On 11th March, Lithuania celebrated Independence Day. 25 years.

I walked and I met “my” new city. My mentor, who tried his best so that we had the company of people our age, succeeded. I had the pleasure of seeing the city, to know what are the best places to walk, eat and go out at night. On this day I also had the company of people who you can see in the picture. My volunteer friends.

  • What struck me this day:
  1. A huge procession around the city
  2. A big flag of the country, where all the people did the effort to put on their hand
  3. How I don’t know much about Lithuanian language, it’s difficult to understand the music. But at the same time I felt what was felt for Lithuanians, as that day is The day.
  4. I stayed seven minutes like a statue to take a picture so that it will only be available just in 10 days.

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